About Me


Mx Coza is an Autistic, non-binary drag performer and artist located in Colorado. They specialize in digital designs and home décor. Their art focuses on gothic surrealism and adorable spoopy illustrations.


 Mx Coza is a second generation Latinx originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. Coza has been illustrating artwork since they were a young soul. Art was a way for them to cope and manage their Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Art is an important factor in their mental health awareness and growth. 


 In 2012 they decided to pursue their passion for art by going to college. In 2017, they graduated from the Herron school of art and design with a Bachelor degree in Visual Communications. 


In 2018, Coza open their first e-shop called Cnmuerte. The idea behind the shop was to help create more mental health awareness in the gothic community through artwork. They designed their first gothic mandala for their own home 2018. They had their first vendor booth at the Indianapolis Oddities and Curiosity Expo in 2019. Their gothic mandalas were a huge hit and their shop exploded with new customers from the event.